Our Partners & Medical Centres




1. Paragon Medical Center
2. Concord International Hospital
3. Raffles Hospital
4. Kent Ridge Medical
5. Precious Medical
6. Novena Day Surgery



Yosemite Medical Group
  • Shanghai Yosemite Hospital Jing An
  • Shanghai Yosemite Clinic, Pudong
ROLO Qingdao Health Management Company
ROLO IMISC (International Minimal Invasive surgery centre)



1. Kremlin Clinic Moscow. Presidential Clinic.
2. No. 40 Hospital Yeketerinburg

3. No. 13 Hospital Nizhny Novgorod.



1. Kreis Krankenhaus Gummersbach, near Cologne
2. Klinikum Werra-Meissner, Eschwege

Our international partners are all fully equipped Minimally Invasive Surgery centers with wide repertoires but each has special capabilities. Each has special areas of interest and expertise and as facility fees differ from country to country the international patient can use us as a one-stop platform to find a center which can solve their medical problem at a price which they can be comfortable with.

For Bariatric or Metabolic surgery, for instance, it is possible to do operations at $10,000 SGD savings when done in China or $20,000 SGD savings when done in Russia. The quality and safety issues have been solved and patients can be assured that quality and safety will not differ from that experienced in Singapore. Our Singapore team will always accompany the patients and will either lead or be an active member of the operating team.

In Germany we are associated with Kreis Krankenhaus Gummersbach which is a University-affiliated hospital. The Chief of Surgery is Professor Stefan Saad. His expertise lies in endoscopic surgery for cancer. We are able to operate here on patients with cancer of the colon and rectum, stomach, esophagus, pancreas, and liver. VIP patients who require bariatric and metabolic surgery may also choose to do their procedures here as the hospital is located in the scenic German countryside outside Cologne nestled in the midst of lush hills and forests. Many patients consider Germany a premium destination for medical tourism and it is very branded just like BMW and Mercedes.

In China our major partner is Yosemite Medical Group who have two hospitals in Shanghai, one in Pudong and a brand new Hospital in Puxi. These hospitals have a wide range of services and medical specialties but ASG provides the bariatric and metabolic services. ASG operates on Shanghai residents as well as brings patients from Singapore and Indonesia there to take advantage of the steep price differential in facility fees between Shanghai and Singapore. Our other center in China is in Qingdao, the home of Qingdao beer. Here we are affiliated with ROLO Qingdao Health Management company who has an International Minimally Invasive Surgery Centre

Our centers in Russia are in Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, and Yekaterinburg. Our focus there is on bariatric and metabolic surgery but we can do other areas just as easily as all three hospitals are multidisciplinary. We have the most diverse range of facilities in Russia ranging from the elite Kremlin Clinic or Presidential Hospital in Moscow to an economy class but extremely competent center in Yekaterinburg. The Kremlin Clinic is the Presidential Hospital where the Russian President goes for medical treatment and caters largely to top-ranking government officials, Ministers, Oligarchs, and VIPs. It is run directly out of the President’s office. As expected the cost of treatment there is commensurate with the status of the Center.

For medical tourist looking for a low-cost center with expertise and facilities we are promoting our center in Yekaterinburg. We are working with No. 40 Hospital which is run by the Russian government. The center was instrumental in developing laparoscopic surgery in Russia in the 1990s and has developed a high level of expertise in this area. Tourist from overseas who are operated here can be assured of a good experience at a reasonable price. We are promoting this center mainly for metabolic and bariatric surgery however the facility fees charged by this hospital are extremely attractive so that other types of operations are also cost-effective here. As an example, a gastric bypass here would cost $12,000 USD (estimated price). The facility fee for a fundoplication for GERD here would be a mere $1000 USD (estimated price).