Gene Testing Services

ASG offers full DNA analysis and Gene Testing Services.

Knowing your genes can help to reduce your risk of serious disease in the future by targeting screening and preventive measures.

Some of the products we offer are:

  • Ancestral determination
  • Paternity determination
  • Pre-natal and antenatal determination of genetic abnormalities
  • Genetic screening for cancer
  • Genetic screening for cardiovascular disease.
  • Screening family members for specific genetic traits
  • Genetic testing to aid targeted cancer treatment
  • Whole Exxon analysis

The human being has 20,000 genes. These genes determine who we are and play a big part in determining your health and what diseases you are more likely to suffer from. Knowing these genes can help you avoid these diseases or detect them early so you can fix the problem while it is still reversible.

The cost of genetic testing has decreased a lot in recent years and is now largely affordable.

Who is ideal for these procedures.

Who is ideal for these procedures. Genetic testing is ideal for people to who want to identify whether they are predisposed to a certain disease/ cancer and identify gene changes that will be passed on to the next generation. It is also a great method to understand more about your hereditary and the diversity of your genes.


- FAQ 1: What is the purpose of Genetic tests?
  • To discover your genetic propensity to get various diseases eg. Cancers, heart disease, diabetes etc
  • To see if defective or pathological diseases have been transmitted
  • To target screening
  • To prevent, preventable disease
  • To trigger lifestyle change
  • To save your life
  • To check your children for genetic conditions
  • Paternity testing
  • Check ancestry and confirm family relationships

- FAQ 2: What can I learn?
  • Which diseases you are more prone to get.
- FAQ 3: What are the benefits and drawbacks?
  • Benefit: Most times the information is useful and beneficial. Helps to target screening and prevention of disease.
  • Benefit: Removes uncertainty surrounding your health
  • Drawback: May cause unnecessary worrying. Many genes are not fully expressed so you may have a disease linked gene but not get the disease.
- FAQ 4: How do I decide to be tested?
  • If you are worried about any disease which is gene related you may seek testing.
  • If your parents or close relatives have gene related disease you may want to know if you have the gene.
- FAQ 5: Is this procedure supported by insurance?
  • Gene testing is not covered by insurance; however, the prices has fallen greatly and is now affordable to the general public

- FAQ 6: What is the process in ASG for this procedure?
  1. Book a pre-op consultation with ASG clinic and sign a consent form before testing
  2. Genetic material may be blood, sputum, cheek swab or buccal swab.
  3. A report will be furnished to you, however, the length it takes for the report to be furnished depends on the extent that is tested.