Chronic Diseases and Metabolic Surgery

Hypertension, Type 2 Diabetes, Fatty Liver, High Cholesterol, Gout

These diseases until recently were thought to be incurable and lifelong requiring daily medication for life. This is no longer so. Metabolic surgery is a game-changer Medication does not cure any of these diseases.

Metabolic surgery is a keyhole surgery that is a scientifically proven alternative for all these conditions. Higher rates of remission have been demonstrated by countless randomized control trials conducted by Harvard Cleveland and other renowned institutions

Metabolic surgery is the only treatment that can offer reversal, remission, and cure of these diseases. The results are often dramatic with blood sugars and blood pressure coming back to normal in days. These are results not achievable by medical treatment even when reinforced with lifestyle changes.

Metabolic surgery has also been shown to prolong life expectancy and halve the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer risk of these patients.

Metabolic surgery for type 2 Diabetes is endorsed by the Ministry of Health, the American Diabetic Association and 45 Medical and Surgical Societies worldwide.

ASG offers metabolic surgery now in 8 centers worldwide besides Singapore. Each center has different prices so that we can always find a way to get the job done at a price fitting your budget.

Besides having reversed hundreds of patients since 1997 we have also had the privilege of operating on about 2 dozen VIPs including Ministers, Governors and legislators, oligarchs, relatives of politicians, presidential aides, top civil servants, Generals, and Royalty.


Who is ideal for these procedures.

A) The ideal people for these types of surgeries include people suffering from:
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Obesity related symptoms
  • Fatty Liver
  • High Cholesterol
  • Gout


- FAQ 1: How will metabolic surgery help?
  • It may reverse or cure your chronic disease like Diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol or gout.
  • You will lose excess weight.
  • It will save you lots of money spent on long term medication
  • It may reverse or arrest your co-morbidities.
  • It can extend your life expectancy
  • It can save your life
  • It can reduce your cancer risk
- FAQ 2: What do I do if I have one of the chronic diseases listed on this page?
  • You should see a metabolic surgeon and see if you are a good candidate for metabolic surgery.
  • You should explore getting your disease reversed or cured.
- FAQ 3: Is Metabolic surgery proven to reverse type 2 diabetes?
- FAQ 4: Where can this be done in Singapore?
  • It can be done both in the public or private sector.

- FAQ 5: Why don’t more people know about this?
  • The main reason is that this procedure is costly and it’s ability to reverse diabetes is now being widely accepted by the medical community.
  • The information for this is widely available on the internet and on social media.
  • Scientific papers abound on the internet including randomized controlled trials from top institutions and published papers in top journals. The procedure and results are all mainstream and approved by all authorities.

- FAQ 6: Is this procedure supported by insurance?
  • This depends on the insurance policy. Comprehensive coverage of surgery and hospitalization such as PRO shield+ (Prudential), AIA and others

- FAQ 7: What is the process in ASG for this procedure?
  • 1. Book a consultation with ASG clinic
  • 2. Diagnose the concern and recommend the most effective treatment plan
  • 3. The pre-operative procedure is seamless